Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Avoiding Tempation"

Well, it's Saturday and I've forced myself to stay as far away from the annual "Taste Of Charlotte" festival as possible; every city has one I'm sure: a live jazz band playing or some other kind of easy-going music and a crowd of hungry folks wanting to sample every type of mouth-watering, culinary treats you can imagine--and I'm determined to not set a foot anywhere near the down-town area this weekend!
Week 2#  is approaching on my weight loss journey to "Stupefyin' J" and I'm a little down-in-the-dumps about gaining back a pound of the two I lost last week. I know I'm supposed to concentrate on 'INCHES' and not weight but I was sooo hyped about the pounds I lost the week before and how much fun the "Wii-Fit-Plus" was ( *working out in one's PJs is seriously overrated though*) that I completely expected to continue the trend---this is not going to be as easy as it was back-in-the-day! I'd just give up fast-food for a week and the weight would fly off.......(*Hmmm, maybe I should have passed-up lunch-dates to BOTH  '"Carrabbas" and "Cabo-Fish Taco" in one week....yup, I know so*)

NEW GOAL#------> Focus on the feeling of my work-out becoming more routine and losing inches and less on actual pounds, which will drop off!

Yours Truly,