Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Hip-Hop-Hump Day"

STELLAR DAY TODAY....Well, I woke up<----- a blessing in itself! ;-)

BREAKFAST: I admit it: I ate carbs..(*cue sinister music--dun-dun-dun-dunnnn....*) I had two mini biscuits as I rushed out the door and my Dandelion Tea with a bit of honey (* Thanks Kev'*)
Met with my young intern today, "Lonnie"( *using her nick-name for discretion*) and we worked for about four hours ---and She ROCKS!----then it was time for her parents to pick her up so I worked solo again...

LUNCH:   again, I scewed-up..there was no lunch. I didn't pack one and didn't have an opportunity to grab any OR dinner before the play I saw last night ("A Rhyme Deferred") and I paid for that lack of preparation. I was feeling ill due to nature so I grabbed a piece of chocolate  and a burger late that night------yeah, gotta' do better...but at least I know....

EXERCIZE:     Well I got it in but NOT the way I expected: I walked downtown briskly for about 5 minutes and then at the play; the MC "Bluz" had everyone dance the "Electric Slide" last night as well as just typical hip-hop moves dancing...I had a BLAST: the actors and break-dancers did their thing ( *there was one chick who was 'modeling' my future-slimmer-more muscular body, so that's what my arms will look like before long? lol!*) and I was truly inspired seeing fellow "CURVE Your Enthusiasm" members: spoken word poetry-manager & activist Inkera Oshun and my girl, actress Sharlata Marlin--they have both noticiably slimmed-down--KUDOS!
Seeing is believeing and believeing I can do it is already half-the-battle!