Monday, June 11, 2012


Started drinking "Dandelion Tea" today...and I LIKE IT! I think I got the wrong version though; it doesn't have the gross-looking--->"collard-greens-in-a-cup" look that I saw when my ex was drinking it....
Oh well, bottoms up......and hopefully a smaller & firmer one soon! ;-)

Morning Exercize   Wii Fit for 15 minutes.....beat my 12 year old niece on "The Michael Jackson Dance Experience"----I AM A BEAST AT THIS! ( * Okay, not really but I am enjoying it!*)

Breakfast: One piece of bacon and a muffin.....(* and only one, normally it would have been two or three*)

Shopping at "My Harris Teeter" grocery store: One large bottle of FIJI water, three boxes of "Crystal Light" lemon tea packets, Salad-in-a-bag, low-calorie muffins and rasins (* whew!* Just walking by the sweets section and breads and NOT picking up any of that is a big deal for me!)

Going to get my locs done tomorrow and that always gives me an extra kick in my stride....and as of now that means literally and figuratively!