Friday, June 15, 2012

"TGIF: Feeling-Good-Friday"

Ahhhhhh,it's FRIDAY; the end of a great week and the beginning of a great weekend to come!
Today I arose feeling pretty good, well-rested and ready to get this animation project on it's feet.
BREAKFAST:  Two beef sausage links, Dasani water and grits

LUNCH: Chicken sandwich, juice and a baked-apple pie slice<---YIKES! Followed by some intense dancing on my Wii-Fit....."Smooth Criminal" is quickly becoming my dance of choice on "THE MICHAEL JACKSON DANCE EXPERIENCE"<----I think I'mma take my show on the road!

DINNER Well, I made up for that pie for lunch by passing up a FREE meal at "Five Guys"
 ( I lovvvve 'free- but I already had something I didn't need with that pie slice')  Besides they reportedly have some of the most fattening sandwiches & fries in the country!
So I had my Dandelion Tea, veggies and fish, water with Crystal-Light packets...
Well, gonna' hit the "Wii Fit-Plus" with my mini-me later on and pray my BMI is down since I last weighed in, if not--I'll do better next time. Rome wasn't built in a day and taking off years of bad-eating habits and pounds and that won't happen instantly either but I am enjoying the journey!
T.G.I.F. --->Thank God I'm FREE!
Free in the mind. body and soul to improve my way of  life....for the able-bodied legs,arms, heart, lungs,liver....the will-power to stick with it and KNOW I can change my circumstances... and the spirit and faith to know it's ALL going to be worth it!