Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Feeling pretty proud of myself- (YAY ME!)
 I had a light breakfast of two mini-muffins and FIJI water, unfortunately I skipped lunch and I'm about to have a piece of chicken for a late dinner ( finally getting settled at home after a long day)
I did two miles this afternoon..uphill and down...my pace is getting better and my pants are getting baggier!
Although I DID try on a shirt I was too big for, at least I'm a size down...next month I'm getting in it---um, provided there are some still on the rack...
I'm also lovvvving my coif (* SHOUT-OUT to Jermiles, hair-stylist extarordinaire for the fresh dye and loc-twist job he did!) Nuthin' like swingin' a healthy, full head of REAL hair to & fro as you walk...
** Even got a macked on by a young cutie---I appreciated the ego-boost but younger guys don't really interest me---which makes still wearing my wedding band come in handy even though I'm separated....
The thing about exercize I love is that the more you do it and feel results, the more you wanna' do it!
Big day ahead tomorrow AND I'm breaking in my new intern---so I'm turning in early & gonna' curl-up with "FABLES" ( my new fascination)